Upper Back & Shoulder Blade Exercises

Because the muscles across the shoulder blades also affect and connect to the neck and lower back, make sure to try the neck and lower back exercises to fully release these areas

Shoulder Blade Routine- lying down

Attach the Red or Blue Resistance band to the Handle closest to the Ball (Orange or Blue) of choice.  Remember that there is a pump with your kit so you can pump up the ball or release air out of the ball to get the right firmness for you.

Shoulder Blade Routine -in Sitting


You will want to pump up the Blue ball had to get good pressure for this exercise.  You use the Red resistance band attached to the handle closest to the Blue ball pocket to also get the best pressure.

Upper Trapezius & Fascia

Levator Scapulae & Fascia

Serratus Posterior Superior

Erector Spinae

Middle Trapezius & Fascia

Rhomobois & Fascia

Erector Spinae & Fascia

Deep Rotatores 


Fascia-  is the continuous connective tissue that envelops each muscle fiber, muscle bundle, tendon, ligament, and joint throughout the body.  It is an elastic material that when injured can develop scar tissue just like a scar on your skin when you get a cut.  This scar becomes thickened contributing to the overall tightness of the area.  The white areas on the picture are regions of a higher density of fascia.

Myofascial Release Points-

The goal of this exercise is to release the chronically tight muscles and fascia that easily cause pain.


The specific muscles you are trying to target lie beneath the trapezius muscle.  You must release the trapezius before you get to the deeper layers.  This is done by lying on the ball for an extended period of time, which is anywhere from 10- 25 minutes depending on how long these muscles have been tight. This will not be done in one session only but can be done one point per night for several nights so you can make a lot of progress without taking time from your day.

Get comfortable on your bed or the floor. 

  • Put either the Blue or Orange Physio-Ball in The BackStrap and grab each end.  Hold across your upper back over each muscle point (like you're holding a towel to dry your back).   Lie back resting your head on a pillow.  For the points closest to the neck, the pillow will help add pressure for a good release.  

  • Notice that each point overlaps the white color fascia with the red color of the muscle. The points are a general guideline.  You may only move 1/2 inch between points but the new area will feel like a new tender point.

  • Pull the BackStrap down from your bottom arm or up from the top arm to nestle it in.  Each point may feel exquisitely tender at first or even a little dull or numb where you don't feel much pressure.  


  • Relax and let the tension dissipate away. This may take 10 to 25 minutes.   Try to close your eyes and just keep trying to exhale as you let the ball sink up and into you.  As it sinks into you, the dull area you initially felt will become more tender.  Consider yourself done when the area begins to throb.  It may take a few nights of release.


I like to release 1-3 points each night in bed before I go to sleep.  If you happen to fall asleep, you may get a little sore but you will feel better in the morning.

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