Leg / Hip Strengthening Exercises
The BackStrap® Isometric Squats

BackStrap Squats are resisted-squats that focus on the quadriceps and hip abductors without loading your spine.


In sitting, first place the red resistance band around your knees.  Next, wrap the Backstrap around your back and attach the blue resistance bands (to the backstrap handles) and slip the bands under your feet.

Begin in the sitting position.  The backstrap will be hooked to your waistline just above your hips.

1. Stand up- 50% from full upright.  You will notice a nice strong resistance in your quadriceps.

Hold 10 count- Go down 25%- Hold 10 count- Go up to 75%- Hold 10 count- go back down to 50%- hold 10 count- then lastly go down 25%- Hold 10 count- then fully sit and rest 1 minute to get your ATP's fully restored. 


1. Make sure you hold your knees apart against the red resistance band to strengthen your hips.

2. Tighten your abdominals as well during the 10 count holds.

1 full rep includes 5 isometrics holds.

Repeat 5 reps. 

The BackStrap® Reverse Lunge

The BackStrap Lunge is a regular lunge on Turbo.  You will quickly feel localized forces through your quads. In Sitting, hook the Blue and Red Resistance bands around your feet.  Stand up straight and stagger your feet a minimum of 3 feet apart from front to back.  Keep your toes facing forward.  Lift The BackStrap® a place it over the opposite shoulder of the front foot. 

With your back leg, drop this knee towards the floor.  Your heel will rise off the floor.  Your front knee will follow by bending forward.  Try not to let the front knee bend past your toes,  This will put increased pressure on your knee cap and can cause injury to the patella tendon.

To achieve your best strengthening outcome- Try  "Up Quick- Down Slow" technique.  Push up at a 2 count and move back down at 4 counts. This technique forces strengthening of the muscles concentrically as you go up creating power strength and eccentrically as you go down creating better function of the muscle.  Learn More (coming soon)

You are moving straight up and down, with evenly distributed the resistance from The BackStrap®.

Complete 3 sets of 10 with a 1-minute rest in between sets for proper restoration of ADP's to full the mitochondria.

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