Why do I need The BackStrap® to do the Exercises?

October 13, 2019

Some of the Releases can be done without The BackStrap®.  When you are lying on your back or sitting on a ball and you are using one ball only you can do a simple release.  However, the BackStrap serves to hold the one ball in place, not only to prevent it from dropping, but to also to generate a pulling force for a more thorough release.  

If you lie over a ball in the BackStrap you can pull the strap causing a traction on the ball and tugging on the muscle to generate a more intense release.  Also, a benefit of having The BackStrap is, you no longer need something or someone push on you in order to release the tops of the shoulders, sides of the neck, hips, and shoulders. 















Moreover, the BackStrap is specially designed with two balls that are touching at one end of the strap to release the neck and upper back and and two balls that are separated at the other end of the strap to release the lower back and buttocks.  This is ideal to release both sides of the spine from the base of your head to the buttocks at-one-time! 












While you are releasing a specific muscles along your spine, you can do full body movement exercises at the same ime, with or without resistance bands, to improve the mobility of the ribs, scapula, your arms and hips too!  

The BackStrap is designed with durable a triple layered nylon to provide a strong backing behind each ball so you don't have to pull hard to generate a strong force.




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