Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder- Myofascial Release Points

A- Pectoralis & Biceps- Myofascial Release-
Try releasing these muscles when you pain lifting your arm in the front of the shoulder, arm and chest.
B- Posterior Shoulder Contract-Relax Release-
Try this exercise to release the back of the shoulder when you have adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder to improve the ability to rotate your shoulder inward.

C- Improving Shoulder Flexion:

Try this exercise to improve your ability to lift your arm overhead.

D- Strengthening the Scapula- Push-ups with a Plus-
This exercise is very important for stabilizing the scapula to prevent impingement.

The Resisted Push-Up with a Plus is a very important exercise for both neck and shoulder health.  The Serratus Anterior lies over the back of the ribs and inserts on the inside rim of the scapula.  Every time you do the "plus" portion of the exercise you are training the serratus anterior to hold the scapula flat and remain contoured against the ribcage. This is crucial for normal scapular mechanics and preventing impingement.  Impingement can be caused by the front of the scapula, the coracoid process, pressing down into the rotator cuff causing painful tears.  When the serratus is weak the scapula will pop up causing winging of the scapula.  When winging occurs the coracoid process to digs into the rotator cuff causing impingement.  

Set up your BackStrap with two Blue or Red resistance bands attached about the center of the Backstrap with the handles folded back securing the bands in place.  Place your hands in the bands with the BackStrap around your upper back across the shoulder blades. When you're facing down the bands will be loose and tighten as you rise up.

Start flat with your chin down, but not tucked, just neutral. Push-up while maintaining a contraction in your abdominals with a little suck-in feeling.  Your chin neutral and tummy tight both stabilize your neck and lower back protecting your spine from the strain that causes muscles spasm, pain and stiffness.

Next round your shoulders and upper back upward filling up the inside of the BackStrap.  This pressure feels very comfortable.  Imagine you're spreading apart your shoulder blades as you round up.  This really activates the serratus anterior.

Do 1 push-up and move directly to the Plus and hold for a 10 count.

Next move into the pushup position and hold a count of 10.

Repeat 5 push-ups and Plus's holding a 10 count each. 

I personally like isometric holding for counts of 10 to strengthen the muscle at points throughout the range of motion.  Exercising in this way causes you to focus better, use proper form and prevent injury.

E- Neck Routine - Sitting & Supine

Go to the Neck Exercises page and add in Sitting exercises and then supine to round out your full  shoulder.   

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