Resistance Band Exercises

The BackStrap® allows you to do resistance training without the need for an external device like attaching it to a door. In addition, adding resistance training to your stretching program allows you to get a deeper release.  For example, if you're feeling rushed and don't want to wait for the positional release to do it's work then add resistance.  When adding a muscle contraction to the area(s) you want to stretch, it puts the release into turbo mode!

Lower Back Chair Routine

This is a great exercise routine to do to strengthen your abdominals and stretch your lower back.

Place 2 orange Physio-balls in The BackStrap® around your waist.  The balls will touch your lower rib cage.


Tie either two Red or two Blue Resistance Bands to the end of the handles.


Press your back into the two Orange Physio-balls as you push your arm forward and crunch your abdominals- ALL AT THE SAME TIME.


Hold for a 10 count and repeat 3 times.


**Variation- for pure abdominal strengthening repeat 4 sets of 25 repetitions.

Next arch
back over the

Next Slump over the Physio-balls

Next rotate side-to- side and press into the Physio-ball on each side for a deeper release.


Repeat this routine at each set of points.


Start by tucking your feet into

the Orange Physio-Ball pockets.

Attach either the 2 Red Heavy duty or Blue Light resistance bands by a slip knot

to the handles.

Next lean back while sucking in your belly button and tucking in your chin.


Go as far back as you can while maintaining tight abdominals.

Next pull yourself back up to neutral and repeat.

4 sets of 25 reps

Abdominal Reverse Crunch
Shoulder Stabilization Exercises

Place One or two Blue Physio Balls in The BackStrap® behind your shoulder blade.


Tie a Red or Blue Resistance band to the handle.


Push your fist up to the ceiling with your arm completely extended 10 x’s. 

This will strengthen the Serratus Anterior Muscle, which is very important for shoulder girdle stabilization after rotator cuff injuries.


Next to get the Deep Turbo Release, after the 10 contractions, relax and let the ball sink deep into your body and hold for 1-3 minutes.

Place The BackStrap® across your upper back while positioning yourself on your hands and knees.


Push up into The BackStrap® rounding your upper back. Then go back to neutral.


Really try to spread apart your shoulder blades as you press into TheBackStrap®.

Repeat 4 sets of 20 reps.