Neck Exercises

Neck Routine

These are my favorite exercises for releasing neck and shoulder pain and stiffness.

The BackStrap Protocol

Week 1

A- 2 x's day

C- 1 x day 

D- 1 x day

Week 2 - 4

Add B - 1 x day


Choose the ones you like and do them 3 times a week. 

A- Neck and Shoulder Release - Sitting

B- Neck and Shoulder Release - Supine

C- Levator Scapulae, Middle Trapezius SCM Release (with resistance bands)

D- Myofascial Release Points - to relieve neck pain.





Erector Spinae/

Levator Scapulae


Myofascial Release Technique-

The goal of this exercise is to stretch the chronically tight muscles and fascia that attaches from the base of the head to the shoulder blades. 


The specific muscles you need to target are the sub-occipitals, the SCM and the levator scapulae.  These muscles are postural muscles that get chronically stiff from holding your head and spine up all day long. Plus the added tension from stress and work easily make these muscles overwork.

Get comfortable on your bed or the floor.  Put either the Blue or Orange Physio-Ball in The BackStrap.  The BackStrap will act as an anchor so the ball will not roll.  Place the BackStrap under the muscle.  Scoot up or down over the BackStrap until it doesn't move and is tugging on your skin and muscle. 


Relax and let the tug dissipate away. This may take 5 to 20 minutes.  Remember it probably took weeks for years to get this stiff, so be patient.  Try to close your eyes and just keep trying to exhale as you let the ball sink up and into you.  Try and release one side and one muscle group each night.


I like to release one muscle group or even one side/ one muscle each night before I go to sleep.  If you happen to fall asleep, you may get a little sore.  You should notice a huge difference in the morning.


Whenever I see a new patient with neck pain, I always start therapy releasing out these muscles first, followed by the neck routines in sitting and lying down. 

Levator Scapulae

Suboccipitals/ Erector Spinae

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