Lower Back & Hip Exercises

Myofascial Release Technique-

The goal of these releases is to stretch the chronically tight muscles and fascia that contribute to lower back pain. 

Get comfortable on your bed or the floor.  Put either the Blue or Orange Physio-Ball under the muscle as shown.  Use only one Blue or Orange ball for all points except for the Piriformis on the sacrum points.  Use two Blue Physio-balls in The BackStrap here to also get a nice sacrum traction release in addition to the piriformis muscle.

Latssims Dorsi

Erector Spinae

Serratus Posterior Inferior

Sacroiliac Joint-

Muscle insertions


Insertion on Sacrum

Piriformis- Insertion at Hip

Ischial Tuberosity-

Hamstrings Insertion



Relax and let the ball sink up into the muscle for 20 minutes.  Remember it probably took weeks or years to get this stiff, so be patient.  Close your eyes and try to let go and relax with each exhale.  It may take a few nights of release.  


I like to release one muscle group or even one side/ one muscle each night before I go to sleep.  If you happen to fall asleep, you may get a little sore.  You should notice a huge improvement by morning.

Start with the above releases to decrease pain and the exercises to below to improve and maintain your flexibility. 

Lower Back - Full Body Stretches

A- Sacrum Release

B - Sacrum Release

C - Low Back- Release

Lower Back & Hip Stretches- Sitting

D - Low Back Release - Sitting

E- Low & Mid Back Stretches - Sitting

Low Back & Hip  BackStrap Protocol

Week 1- Exercises

A, B - 2 x's day

D - 3 x's day

Week 2 - 8 - Exercises

Same as Week 1

Add -

C, E  - 1 x day 


A, B - 5 days/week - 1 x day

C - 3 days/week - 1 x day

D - 3 days/ week - 1 x day

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