The Benefits:

  • Easily Releases Muscles

    • That Run Along Your Spine

    • At the Base of your Head and Neck

    • Across Your Shoulder Blades

  • Reduces Lower Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip and Foot aches and pains.

  • You don't have to ask anyone else to rub your back anymore!

  • Each Body Part has Specially designed exercises to target problem muscles!

  • Safe and Easy to Use!

  • Easily fits into your carry-on for travels.

  • Affordable- 1 Time Expense for Years of Relief.

 The Features:

  • 5 unique Physio-Balls of different sizes and densities that you can switch out to get the perfect release for you.

  • Color-coded Pockets to easily identify Physio-Ball placement.

  • Industrial strength strap so you don’t have to pull hard to feel a great deep pressure release.

  • Add the Resistance bands to feel a gradual deep pressure release.

  • Stop dropping the ball!-The BackStrap® has specialized pockets that hold each Physio-Ball securely in place to prevent slipping or rolling away.

  • Comes with a pump so you can easily adjust the firmness of the ball.

  • Easily secure The BackStrap® around your body or chair for hands-free exercises.

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