Core Strengthening
Sitting Abdominal Training

This exercise is perfect for rest breaks at work and is amazing for strengthening your core. 


Place the Backstrap around your waist and under your arms.  Tie the 2 Blue (light)or Red (heavy) resistance bands to the handles.  Make it short enough so the bands will be pulling forward from your sides. 

Push the bands forward extending your arms as much as possible.  As you push forward slump/push back into the BackStrap while sucking in your belly button.  Tip- Be aware of your shoulders riding upwards and keep them down.

Isometric- Hold fully extended for a count to 10.

Concentric Eccentric Technique- Complete 10 reps by pushing out fast- Count 1 -2, then slowly bring it back to your sides- Count 1-2-3-4.

These intermediate core exercises don't mess around.  In this video, I demonstrate three different abdominal strengthening exercises.  These are fan favorites with my clients.  They are always mentioning how they feel it really focusing on their abdominals and love it.

There are three parts to this Core Routine.

1. The Abdominal Isometric.  Hold 10 Count

2. Abdominal Pumps.  Pump 10 times

3. Dead Bugs- Complete 1R & 1L 10 X's

Core Routine- Complete all three exercises as 1 set and do 5 sets.

Tip- Remember to keep your chin tucked for the full duration of the exercise, especially when you set your head down in between reps.  This will stabilize your neck and prevent injury.

Core Training Routine
Advanced- Dead Bug

The Resisted Dead Bug challenges to the fittest triathlete.

The key is that this exercise is very safe.  By placing the BackStrap with Orange balls under your pelvis, your back is forced into neutral-spine.  Now you have the freedom to push yourself 10 more reps without fear of hurting your back or as a beginner learn a new skill without fear of hurting your back.

Place the Backstrap under your bottom with the orange balls in place and the Blue resistance bands tied to the handles.  Loop the resistance band to the inside of your L foot then R foot (this will secure the BackStrap in place.  Attaching the band to the outside will cause the backStrap to pop out.) 


Start with your knees up.  Begin stretching one leg forward followed by the opposite leg to get a feel for the resistance.  Next, add your arms stretched upward to the routine.

1 full rep is moving both the R and L leg and arm one time.

Do 1 set X 10. 


For added variety add resistance to the Dead Bugs as you do the full Core Routine. 

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