Releases Tension in 200+ Muscles with 5 Simple Exercises!

When pain stops you from bending forward, looking over your shoulder or reaching up high... 

When you want an alternative to pain killers and anti-inflammatories to relieve your pain...

When you want to get the rotation that you need to improve your golf swing or your tennis serve...

Try The BackStrap®


Feel Better...Faster

 Relieve Pain   


Release Pressure


Get A Good Warmup


Get an Awesome Workout


Speed up Your Recovery

Lower Back Exercises

Neck Exercises

Shoulder Exercises

Hip Exercises

Foot &

Lower Leg


Classic Stretching Exercises

The BackStrap® combines therapeutic stretching principles, myofascial release and ancient acupressure techniques to help you feel better naturally.


Our patent-pending strap design allows you to easily target hard to reach areas.  Add our resistance bands and Physio-Balls for an endless variety of safe effective exercises.

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