Use The BackStrap® To:

Step 1.

Release Painful Knots in Your Neck, Along Your Spine and Lower Back.

Step 2.

Stretch Your Entire Body with Added Pressure Points.

Step 3. 

Strengthen Your Core in a Unique Way!

When you want an alternative to pain killers and anti-inflammatories to relieve your pain...

When pain stops you from doing the things you love like taking fitness classes, gardening, and posting on Facebook...

It's Time to try The BackStrap® Release It Kit.

  • Everything you need is conveniently in one kit. 

    • If you have really tight muscles do Step 1. 

    • If you want a full-body stretching routine with added pressure do Step 2.

    • If you want more challenging strengthening exercises do Step 3!

    • It's that simple.

 Relieve Pain Release Pressure

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